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Woodland for sale on Isle of Wight are beautiful spaces which provide unique habitat for a variety of native species.

From a spring carpeting of bluebells, to winter birdsong and walks, woodlands offer a unique habitat which have been enjoyed by the public for centuries.

The UK has just under 1.4 million hectares of wooded areas and woodlands totalling approximately 11% of the land area. Here on The Isle of Wight 11% of the land is woodland cover and 4% are ancient woodlands.

Ancient woodlands are those which have existed since 1600. There is little change in the proportion of woodland on the Isle of Wight year on year. Over 900 hectares of land are known to have retained their original character. The remainder has been replaced with conifers and non native broad leaves.

The fame of the red squirrel, one of the islands beloved woodland creatures, means that these habitats are favoured and largely well managed.

Woodlands for sale in Isle of Wight are an increasingly popular investment for a variety of individuals and acquisition of woodland is surprisingly uncomplicated. Here on the island woodlands offer a less costly opportunity for land investment compared with agricultural land, or brownfield sites. They have also been known to hold value nationally.

Legal protections which oversee the nation’s woodlands may deter some. For example, woodlands cannot be developed, cultivated or changed and even temporary occupation such as camping is limited to a fixed number of days annually (28 days).

There are also restrictions on the felling of trees within plots.

For some ownership may seem like many responsibilities with few rights. So are you interested in buying woodlands in Isle of Wight?

How popular are woodland as land investment?

In fact, in the UK around 500 small lots, often less than 10 acres in size, are bought or sold each year. The ownership of the UK’s woodlands is becoming increasingly diverse as more people become aware that this type of land is available for sale.

The work of organisations such a the Woodland Trust means that prospective owners are better educated and aware of woodlands and their maintenance.

Purchasing a copse or wooded plot is a popular investment for growing families who, enjoy the opportunity to explore nature and own something that is likely to appreciate in value.

Many owners plan to keep woodlands in the family and pass it on as inheritance from generation to generation. The opportunity to own land is a strong draw and of course savvy investors are seeking great returns from investing in this kind of land.

What are the rights and responsibilities of owning woodlands in Isle of Wight?

The maintenance requirement for woodland can be underestimated as it is easy to forget that centuries of careful cropping and land management may have been undertaken. Neglect could be harmful to the flora and fauna that have made the woodland their home, thus disturbing the ecological balance & threatening the wildlife.

The technicalities of woodland ownership are not to be overlooked, however novice owners can receive support from a number of grassroots and mainstream organisations.

  1. The Small Woodland Owners Group is an independent organisation comprising of owners and enthusiasts working to aid the enjoyment, diversity and conservation of British Woodland.
    • They have a busy website with a large number of resources and event running throughout the year.
  2. The Royal Forestry Society and Woodland Trust are also rich in learning resources and information for woodland owners, helping to ensure that all grounds are well managed.

Owners will also need to consider the cost of investing in sound accessibility to their site.

Proximity to public footpaths and highways will dictate the need for more robust land management and upgrading of walkways, paths or open water.

All woodland owners need to have public liability insurance in case of accidents on their land, which is usually at most a couple of hundred pounds per year .

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