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Are you looking to hire freelance website management on Isle of Wight?

Register for our expert services and benefit from our years of experience.

Websites are like any other valued business asset.

Without management they flop.

Why not hire freelance website management on Isle of Wight?

With Dot Org, your enterprise can benefit from our years of experience in the saddle, pruning and shaping small business websites.

In our experience

Some of our freelancers from 1999 have been working with HTML and other fundamental web building languages. These web languages are the central functional backbones which feature in every type of website.

If you are familiar in any way with web development you will not have gotten far without at least an intermediary level proficiency in the HTML language, for example.

Since 2010, we have also embraced the more modern benefits of WordPress CMS which has enabled us to implement much smarter online content strategies for our business clients.

In recent years, Google has implemented many strikes against poor web content publishers.

Because of this tougher stance, many small business websites which are poorly managed have suffered in rankings.

Content management tools like WordPress have helped us remain both relevant and agile in our hurdling such search software update obstacles.

Key duties to expect when you hire freelance website management on Isle of Wight

  • HostingĀ 
    • …liaising with your existing web host, settling any outstanding issues such as:
      • contract renewal
      • HTTPS upgrade
      • back-up
      • ftp file transfer etc.
  • Content updates
    • …multimedia pieces of content are added or taken away from your website:
      • photos
      • images
      • videos
      • pages
      • posts
      • PDF downloads
      • e-commerce products etc.
  • Web design amendments
    • …improving or changing design aspects of the website which ‘bug’ both you and your customers:
      • language translation
      • text sizing
      • update logo
      • remove colour clashes on text overlay
      • insert an embedded Google Map
      • add photo gallery
      • make website browser compatible
      • remove poorly functioning Flash file components etc.
  • Analytics
    • …install tracking software into your website to give you oversight of visitor traffic:
      • monitor bounce rates
      • track conversions (like enquiries, leads or online sales)
      • find out which devices/browsers are most popularly used to view your website
      • understand how visitors flow through you website etc.
  • SEO analysis and improvement
    • …see how your website benchmarks against SEO industry standards and set improvements in place:
      • SEO auditing
      • tidy-up meta tagging and keyword-based internal link pruning
      • XML sitemap etc.
  • UX (user experience)
    • …make your website more user-friendly for your customers & increase conversion rate:
      • conversion rate optimization
      • CTA (call-to-action) design
      • A/B split testing
      • visitor funnel etc.
  • IA (information architecture)
    • …sculpt your on-site information for best possible results with both customers and search engines:
      • siloing
      • internal linking
      • categorising
      • tagging
      • custom post templating
      • advanced custom fields etc.
  • Web automation
    • …automating those ‘join-the-dot’ back-office web processes using apps and plugins:
      • linking CRM to web enquiries
      • send automated email newsletters to subscribers etc.

hire freelance website management isle of wight

Step-by-step process to hire freelance website management on the Isle of Wight

[1] Research

Make sure you do your research. You’ll want to make sure that you are speaking the same language when you establish first hand contact, so make sure you know what’s what.

Write a needs statement which articulates what you perceive your website needs are and detail exhaustively.

[2] No obligation 1-to-1

Always ensure before any engagement there is a thorough ‘Q&A’ session between you. You may want to quiz and probe into areas of service or technicality which you simply lack the understanding of.

[3] Reviews

Ask to speak with some of their customers. Keep it brief, but get a gauge for how they will handle you once you sign-up.

[4] Case studies

Case studies illustrate very clearly the benefits involved with working together. They inadvertently answer issues such as ‘how long will it take to see improvements?‘, ‘how many revisions do I get?’ or ‘what is your approach to getting the right results?

[5] ProposalĀ 

Once you are sure that this freelance webmaster might be the one you want to hire, ask for a proposal (action plan). A written plan of action will communicate their professional take on what it is your website needs to achieve your business goals.

[6] Quote

Budget needs planning, so a quote will enable you to decide if their services will be feasible. A payment plan also will keep you abreast of how the freelancer will expect to be remunerated.

[7] Final questions

Anything not quite understood? Now is your chance. As them without holding back and uproot any uncertainty.

Sign up

Get started. Make agreement and get going with improving your small business website.

Looking to hire a freelance web manager on the Isle of Wight? Get in touch – and let’s talk web!


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