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Looking to hire a freelance project manager on the Isle of Wight? 

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Do you have a project which requires a little specialist help to steer? Hire a freelance project manager on the Isle of Wight.

Project management in this digital age is now far less dependant upon mysterious methodologies and processes.

Smart, low cost software applications and a lower barrier to entry to digital start-up has more widely dispersed the practice of this professional discipline.

Much of the office based productivity is now digitized. The use of the internet as an information superhighway for both internal and external ‘mission critical’ communication is common.

How successfully can a freelance project manager be working remotely from Isle of Wight?

Communication is key. Whether in close proximity or afar off.

Successfully making common the fundamental building blocks of a project is the key factor for excelling as a freelance project manager.

With the effective use of tools such as: 4G broadband connectivity, smart phone, cloud software e.g. CRM, email and document repositories; a well versed freelance remote project manager can seamlessly bridge the gap.

With clearly delineated times of availability and an planned calendar of report scheduling – there’s no reason why a freelance project manager cannot succeed.

Prerequisite digital skills for a freelance project manager?

  • HTML…
    • basic web design language for foundational understanding of web-based development projects
  • Microsoft Excel…
    • a staple tool for Gantt charting and dashboarding
  • Quickbooks or Xero…
    • cloud based accounting software used most popularly by small businesses
  • DropBox or G-Drive…
    • for keeping all your digital resources conveniently in one place – valuable for remote work
  • Powerpoint…
    • a backbone for corporate digital presentations and also some rudimentary graphic design
  • SEO (on and off page)…
    • understanding how search engines work and what websites need to gain rankings
  • WordPress CMS…
    • with approximately 1/3 of all published websites using WordPress CMS, your freelance project manager should know their way around this software
  • Paypal API…
    • online payment portal which integrates with e-commerce, a big plus for freelance digital PMs to be familiar with

Whilst there are many, many more tools which freelance project managers can and do use in these times, the ones above are just a recommended list.

Top 10 typical roles of a freelance project manager working remotely on Isle of Wight

Work from home –‘ or, remote project managers can add great value to your venture.

Covering a multitude of professional disciplines, you can quickly and effectively assemble a professional team capable of steering your project to successful completion.

  1. Freelance accounting project manager…
    • auditing and general financial accounting can be handled off-site by a remote PM. Working from home, or a remote office they simply crunch your numbers into their industry standard, user-friendly templates, and return the reports to your inbox ASAP – complete with easy to read formatting. No hitches.
  2. Freelance SEO project manager…
    • seeing as a website is an internet-based, publicly accessed digital asset anyway, so why not employ a remote PM to handle SEO for you? With cutting edge website auditing software, they can at the click of a button and over the internet with pinpoint precision show you to where your website needs improving to become more visible.
  3. Freelance digital project manager…
    • for multi-disciplinary supervision of complex digital based projects – a remote working digital PM can aptly steer your endeavours to the fruit. Having a wide range of understanding across many digital functions, they have enough about them to instruct the specialists, whilst also being able to update you in plain English, when you need.
  4. Freelance IT project manager…
    • information technology (IT) travels much quicker by internet than on the roads with an in-house PM. Why not remove the road-blocks and traffic build-ups with a remote working IT project manager? They will help you iron out those server problems, connectivity issues or PC security updates at a much lower cost, often working from home!
  5. Freelance online project manager…
    • online marketing and promotions for small businesses requires constant impetus and someone who is submerged in its upkeep. Whilst in-house online managers come at a high cost of acquisition and keep, a remote worker in this area can be of great ‘real business’ value. Managing your online communications promptly and professionally, they keep you relevant for search engines and on social media platforms to extending your reach to new customers.
  6. Freelance retail project manager…
    • procurement, design and development are all areas which a freelance retail PM lend a professional hand. Because most of what they do is relationship management, they are often much more effective in working remotely, even attending meetings on your behalf when necessary – negating costs for daily office travel, giving you great ROI on your retail-based projects.
  7. Freelance software project manager…
    • software applications are purpose-built, digital tools for running automated processes which speed up or make more effective the running of your business. Reducing cost and error, such software as developed by engineers can make all the difference to smoothing out operational kinks. From initiation to close, a remote working software project PM should be well equipped and able to do what you need from their base.
  8. Freelance translation project manager…
    • translation of written or audio media is a mission critical task in many businesses or organisation, including teaching, training, counselling amongst others. Where budgets are constrained to hiring an in-house employee, a remote working translation PM can swiftly turnaround all your language conversion needs.
  9. Freelance web project manager…
    • websites are fast becoming more complex and valuable business assets. With the content they hold speaking silently like an online digital salesman on behalf of your company, managing improvement well can hold great ROI benefits. A remote web project manager gives you the oversight yet flexibility to attain to those hard to reach web accomplishments.
  10. Freelance M&A project manager…
    • business brokers perform a most valuable task for vendors looking to sell their business. Confidentially finding potential buyers, preparing a prospectus and managing the stages of engagement for making the sale are all critical functions. A well honed, remote working M&A PM keeps the whole process on point and results on track – whilst keeping costs down.

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