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The very best in arable, rural and farm estates for sale across the Isle.

Farms for sale in Isle of Wight are a highly attractive investment proposition for the prospective buyer with the right skills mix. Although a high ticket item, there are considerable long term savings & gains to be made from such a commitment.

Buying A Farm On The Isle of Wight

Farmland for Sale Isle of Wight

A solid match for a home-based family endeavour, a farm estate can provide great purpose and a foundation for gainful activity all-round.

More than just a property for sale, a farm offers productivity, land, livestock and much more to occupy all hands on deck. With fruitfulness in the offing, there are some very tangible occupational benefits involved in farming which can give great satisfaction.

The hard graft involved in maintaining and operating the farm business is not to be underestimated. It is often advised therefore to bring some previous farming experience to ride out the rough patches.

However, most important of all – a winning attitude and hearty approach to labour will go a long way to keeping your new farm investment ‘ship shape’ and running at full tilt production.

With room for expanding on what you buy from the vendor, you can always improve on the matter in hand once you have had a bit of time in the saddle. There are opportunities also for private landlords lettings as a new farm owner with an annex, in the which you can offer young families in the locality an opportunity to spend a season or two learning to help you work the land.

These are just some of the reasons why a farm for sale on the Isle of Wight could be the ideal capital investment for you and your family for the years to come.

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Farm Estate Fro Sale Isle of Wight

Farm Estate Buildings and GroundsĀ 

Farmhouse/Farm Building

Versatility of farm activity is often a draw for many would be investors. The mix of property, land, business, outdoors and agricultural productivity is an almost irresistible combination.

The thought of being totally immersed in the role of farm ownership as a ‘live in’ manager is just what many are looking for. It is often an ideal career change for those wanting a more hands on experience.

Farm houses are a lovely residential benefit for running a farm. Often made with grand designs in mind with periodic touches and authentic timber framed features, they are a more than desirous dwelling.

The grounds of the typical farm house are planned for maximum comfort and enjoyment of your location. With the premium of space being utilised for maximum advantage, the estate lifestyle can become quite an accustomed taste.

Neighbouring Villages/Hamlets & Amenities For FarmsĀ 

Farm Villages and Hamlets Isle of Wight

Local Villages and Hamlets In Rural Setting

As set against a remote rural backdrop, when buying a farm on the Isle of Wight you will want to make sure you familiarise yourself with the neighbouring villages and their amenities. Knowing where you can drop in for a few essential shops, will make all the difference with planning family provisions.

Connectivity to main road networks for further travel by car or truck will enable you and family to branch out for holidays away when needed. Farmers markets around the island also might be frequented via the A-roads.

Because of the unique climate which hits it’s peak during summer, you might make use of the local tourist footfall for scheduling site visits for visitors to walk your land or handle your livestock.

Farm Boundaries Isle of Wight

Farm Boundaries & Disputes

Farm Grounds For Sale

With ample sq. footage, a farm for sale in Isle of Wight may present a mammoth challenge in upkeep to new, inexperienced owners. With a farm house, gravel driveway, court yard, kennels and stables to name a few features, your attention will be spread quite thinly. Maintenance of course is ongoing and being consistent will ensure the standard is not dropped nor disappointed.

Lawn areas will no doubt require a petrol powered mower to level off when growth becomes untidy. But with all that space for vehicles of various kinds, the storage of a seated-mower should never be a problem.

Some farms are built upon greenfield land, which was prized by builders for construction projects in rural locations. Such projects were purposed to produce stand-out complexes which would become the most sought after rural investment.

Boundaries for farms and their rights of way (wayleaves or easements) are all laid out in the Property and Charges Register which before buying, you would digest in order to know the limits of your ownership.

Hedged banks produce tidy segments of focused grassy grounds for family and friends to occupy. Private orchard, chicken run, kitchen garden and soft fruit cage provide some perks to the job which can be enjoyed by family and if you are particularly gifted there will be enough to share with neighbours and friends throughout seasons.

Garages and a carport should keep all personal transport in good nick, whilst being sheltered from the weather, especially in winter. Mobile valeting kit will also keep the vehicles in tip top condition, no matter what.

Production and Pastureland For Sale

Whatever your choice of operational production as a new farm owner on the Isle of Wight, you should find the compliment of your location to be ideal for consistent results.

Farm Equipment For Sale Isle Of WIght

Producing Farm For Sale on Isle of Wight

With the land oozing a rich reserve of minerals and fertility, the rural investors who successfully systematise their operational have greater harness of this natural advantage.

There are many variations on the theme fro choice of pastureland and land for production and each has it’s own pros & cons. With a well considered approach, you may be able to steadily increase the productivity of your grounds to greater yield, year on year.

Commercial growing requires a great deal of patience, planning and expertise. If you are a farming novice and yet fancy taking the plunge, please take note!

Top 5 Steps To Choosing Farms for Sale in Isle of Wight

(1) Visit our latest listings of course!

We publish a listing of most recently published farms for sale on the Isle of Wight, complete with contact details of the vendor. We advise you keep abreast of changes here for ensuring you know what is available.

(2) Get familiar with your prospective rural location

Like the look of one of the prospects? Plan a visit and talk with the current owner for a closer view of your potential investment.

(3) Digest the prospectus and all the financial metrics

Ensure you thoroughly survey the cost/benefit implications of your prospective farmland investment.

(4) Research the workload

Are you really able to make a successful go of this investment? Do you have what it takes to make it worth your while? Feasibility studies will be a prudent move.

(5) Plan the financial wherewithal for making this work

You want to ensure that you have the means to follow through on the deal when in the motions of transfer. Make provision.

Do you want to take a browse of our farms for sale on Isle of Wight? Take a look – and should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the vendor directly.